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Hybrid technology common:

Einführung in die Dünnschicht-Hybridtechnik (german)


Auf die Verpackung kommt es an (german)



Crystal Oscillators:

NEW: Parameters clearly improved

NEW: DIL-14-OCXO with Sine

OCXO - Fundamentals


Exceptional stability-values in the DIL and SMD-size

Oven stabilized quartz oscillator for the
surface mounted technology (SMT)

DIL-14 ovenized oscillators for extreme requests

TO-8 clocks for MIL-requirements

DIL-14 clocks for extreme requests

Acceleration Sensitivity (G-sensitivity)  


Application Notes:

Electrical Frequency Control                             

Environmental Conditions

Restabilisation And Retrace 


Active Filters:

Active Filters - An Overview

A Relation between Filter Parameters of the